Omega Seamaster 300 GMT 253X.XX series

TThe Omega Seamaster 300 GMT 253X.XX series were made from 1998 to late 2000s for the 50th anniversary of the Omega Seamaster collection. 

Although it is the first GMT watch made by Omega this model has been forgotten and seems pretty underrated.

Let's have a look at this 20+ year old Omega model that could be considered as a great Rolex GMT-Master alternative. 

The bezel of the 2534.50 is black and white and seems to have a marmite effect in the watch community: some people would have preferred an entirely black one.

  • Ref: 2538.50, 2538.20
  • Diameter: 41.50 mm
  • Thickness: 13.50 mm
  • Lug width: 20.00 mm
  • Caliber: Omega 1128

The Omega Seamaster 300m reference 2534.50 (black dial), 2538.20 (great white) and the 2535.80 with the blue bezel. Available on ebay
The Omega Seamaster 300m reference 2534.50 (black dial), 2538.20 (great white) and the 2535.80 with the blue bezel. Available on ebay

The crown also received some criticism: it is considered too small. 

However, the Omega 1128 is a true GMT movement that is very accurate and COSC certified. It is a true traveler's GMT with a quick set hour hand. It’s a great looking watch overshadowed by the Rolex GMTs!  

This Seamaster GMT has a 41.5mm diameter with a thickness of 13.6mm. The lug to lug distance is 51mm so this watch has a generous wrist presence. If you compare the case with the classic Omega Seamaster of that era: the GMT complication adds about 2mm to the case depth which means it is more different from the 2531/2254 than you would think, the crown is more shrouded and the bezel is deeper. However, the Seamaster GMT also provides you with a reliable 300m water resistance rating! 

The numbers on the bezel are bold, maybe too bold for some, but it still works well with the black dial. We feel, however, that the bold numbers of the bezel take away some of the refined aspects of the white dial version (the great white). 

We love the butterfly clasp on the Bond-style bracelet that originally came with this watch. We also love the black date wheel and the fact that Omega deleted the helium escape valve. It's touches like this that make this watch such a winner. 

The pop of red on the GMT hand and the red lettered GMT text of the dial is a thing of beauty. It's worth knowing that the dial is not interchangeable between the black and white dial GMTs as the white dial takes more space in the case. 

In our opinion, the Seamaster 300 GMT 50th anniversary is one of Omega's finest GMTs. It is surprising how undervalued and unloved they seem to be. It’s a fine watch which stacks up well vs the similar Rolex Explorer II or even the Rolex GMT Master II, at a much affordable price range.

If you want something different from the crowd that is a true travelers' GMT, then the distinctive Omega Seamaster GMT 253X.XX is certainly worth a look. You can find some below the $2000 mark.

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